Jenn Suhr Vaults World Lead at New York Invitational Series

Perfect conditions bring about World leading results.

It took three tries to get the weather to cooperate.  80 degrees, just a light breeze and no humidity.  Warm ups for everyone looked good, but you could see some extra special lift from a few.  Two of the high school vaulters took advantage of the situation to set new personal records. Annika Klingenberg, an exchange student from Germany attending local Lyndonville High School, and Jenn Thill, the reigning New York State High School Champion from Lancaster High School, both vaulted higher than they ever had before. Of course warming up with two of the best Female pole vaulters in the world may have helped too.  "You pick up little tips and ideas just by watching them, and of course the encouragement doesn't hurt either."  

The night was capped off by Jenn Suhr seemingly floating over each successive height. 4.44 meters, 4.54 meters, 4.64 meters.  Heights no other competitor even got to attempt. The energy in the crowd rose each time the bar was raised.  The announcer led the crowd in a cadence clap common at most track meets where vaulting is involved, but not on golf courses.  This day though, the White Birch was not a golf course, but a place for one of the best in history to fly higher than anyone else in 2013. The regular, everyday people that came to see what the buzz was all about, were treated to something special. "I heard about jumping 16 feet, but it didn't really hit me until I saw just how high that is. I am glad I came today." 4.91 meters isn't as easy as Jenn makes it look, but then, that's why she is the #1 female pole vaulter, Indoor World Record holder, and reigning Olympic Gold Medalist.

Next up for Suhr is USA Nationals at Drake University in Des Moines, Iowa.  Everyone at home will be cheering you on to get that World Record Vault.  

Complete results

2013 USATF Niagara Association Trail Championships

Today's USATF Niagara Trail Championship was a challenging race over rugged terrain and in the hot weather. First place overall finisher, Eric Sambolec showed he meant business by leaving the competition far behind early on in the race. Second place finisher Brian Matthews admits he may have taken a wrong turn along with 1st female finisher Kiki Maletz, but he got back on track and finished strong. Tony Machulkis, while fresh off a 30 mile USATF Ultra Series race in Highland Forest last weekend, took a spill out on the course and came in 3rd, bloodied but still smiling. Kiki Maletz sailed to a strong 1st place finish, even though she came across the finish with some cuts and bruises as well. USATF Niagara athletes finished top 4 in the race of 53 competitors. Kim Goerlich finished 2nd in her first trail race of the season and Jim Glinsky raced well to finish as the first master runner.

1st: Eric Sambolec, Kiki Maletz   
2nd: Brian Matthews, Kim Goerlich
3rd: Tony Machulskis
1st Master: Jim Glinsky

Photo of Kiki finishing

Full results here

New York Invitational Series

Starting Friday, May 31 Jenn Suhr will bring some of her friends back to Western New York to pole vault as part of her warm up for the 2013 USA Outodoors in Des Moines, Iowa.  Competing in the New York Invitational Series held at the White Birch Golf Course in Lyndonville, New York.  Suhr will be providing an opportunity for her friends and family to come watch her vault at a new location off of the traditional runway at a track.  This is really what it would be like to get together in the back yard and watch a family member do what they love at a party. Except, this is a two time Olympic medalist, who owns the highest vault indoor by a woman, and you will be watching her run down the fairway of a golf course. 

Last fall, Suhr toured Western New York taking to the town square in Fredonia, the home stretch of the track surface at Roberts Wesleyan College, and the indoor practice field at the Buffalo Bills complex.  Inspired by the Drake Relays Mall Vault, Suhr couldn’t find a more picturesque setting to take flight 16 feet into the air.  You won’t want to miss this.  “When you get a chance to see the absolute best in the world at something, you take that chance.” And what a beautiful surrounding to be running down the 2nd fairway of the White Birch Golf Course, in Lyndonville, NY.

Joining Suhr will be Heather Hamilton, #1 ranked Canadian pole vaulter.  Janice Keppler, #4 American pole vaulter originally from Medina, NY.  Claire Dishong, of Brockport, NY and Cornell University.  Recently finished tied for 4th at the NCAA East Regional in North Carolina.  Linda Hadfield, of Utica, NY and Tennessee University who finished tied for 8th at the same NCAA East Regional.  Erin Champion, also of the University of Tennessee, also finished tied for 8th at the NCAA East Regional.

Bring your lawn chair and maybe a couple clubs to work on your short game.  Vaulting will begin by 6pm and will conclude by dark. 

If you can’t make it this Friday, come over Friday, June 7th and Friday June 14th at White Birch Golf Course.  Rain dates for each weekend are on Sunday at 3pm.

*Correction* Suhr's schedule for June 7th and June 14th is not confirmed, as travel may take her elsewhere.  The competitions will be happening either way with some of the best pole vaulters on the continent. Check the Facebook event for details.

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