Annual Report


2012 _full_accreditation

Meeting Minutes
pdf niagara_assn_bod_meeting_december_20_2010 31.96 Kb

pdf niagara_assn_annual_meeting_september_26_2010 28.09 Kb
pdf niagara_assn_bod_meeting_february_15_2010 28.55 Kb

pdf niagara_assn_bod_meeting_january_18_2010 28.70 Kb

2009 Meeting Minutes
pdf niagara_assn_bod_meeting_november_16_2009 28.22 Kb

pdf niagara_assn_bod_meeting_october_19_2009 28.22 Kb

pdf niagara_assn_annual_meeting_september_13_2009 28.45 Kb

pdf niagara_assn_bod_meeting_august_17_2009 26.13 Kb

pdf niagara_assn_bod_meeting_july_20_2009 33.53 Kb

pdf niagara_assn_bod_meeting_june_15_2009 35.42 Kb

pdf niagara_assn_bod_meeting_may_18_2009 32.33 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting April 20, 2009 26.26 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting March 16, 2009 28.23 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting February 16, 2009 26.13 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting January 19, 2009 29.46 Kb

2008 Meeting Minutes

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting December 15, 2008 25.98 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting November 17, 2008 33.70 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting October 20, 2008 25.02 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn Annual Meeting Minutes September 7, 2008 23.86 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting August 18, 2008 21.21 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting July 21, 2008 24.14 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting June 16, 2008 20.79 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn Spring Meeting May 18, 2008 22.59 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting April 21, 2008 30.92 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting March 18, 2008 22.25 Kb

pdf Niagara Assn BOD Meeting February 19, 2008 25.49 Kb

Election Dispute Settlement
pdf niagara_final_award 103.64 Kb

Old Proposed By-Laws
pdf 7-28-2011_nys_attorney_general_letter_voting 119.68 Kb

pdf by_laws_niagara_association_mlo_proposed_4-10-2011_00009365-9 168.82 Kb

pdf usatf_by-laws_proposed_4-10-11_compared_to_current_00036486 288.32 Kb

Contact Us

David Reinhardt
Association President
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.




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