USATF Niagara Association Trail Championships
July 19th, #TrailsROC held their 0SPF Trail Half Marathon, which hosted the USATF Niagara Trail Championships. A 300% improvement in Niagara member participation indicated a step in the right direction for Trail Running in the Niagara Association. It also proved to be a winning combination as the top 4 male Niagara members finished below the previous course record, with the 5th place member missing by 5 seconds. Kip Tisia (Stotan Racing) continues to dominate 1:36:25, while Dan Serianni (GVH) finished 2nd, and Josh Perks (Roadkill Racing) finished 3rd, Daven Oskvig finished 4th, and Paul Glor (RnR) finished 5th. On the Women's side, GVH showed their strength as Sarah Loerch (GVH) won in 2:00:37, Liz Matthews (GVH) finished 2nd, andErin Toner (GVH) finished 3rd.
USATF Niagara Association Indoor Track and Field Championships

Rochester, New York- What a great way to end the 2013 USATF Niagara Championships schedule with the Indoor Track and Field Championships held at RIT on Saturday, December 28th by the Upstate Holiday Classic XV. The meet also served as host of the USA Open and Masters 5000m Indoor Race Walk Championships.

Recaps of Race Walk National Championships

Recaps of Men's Running Events

Recaps of Men's Field Events

Recaps of Women's Running Events

Recaps of Women's Field Events

Recaps of Messenger Mile

Complete results

Facebook event page

Facebook photo album

Photos by Ron Kalasinskas

Pole Vault videos by Reggie Henderson
2013 USATF Niagara Open XC Championships

ITHACA- Sunday, November 10th Cornell Golf Course held the 2013 USATF Niagara Open Cross Country Championships. The Championship race was held by the Pete Glavin Upstate New York XC Series race number 4.  Teams from all over the Niagara Association participated in the team style event.

The Women’s 6km race was up first with 73 taking to the starting line, 45 were also USATF Niagara members competing in the Championships.  Four USATF clubs sported complete teams; Checkers AC, Finger Lakes Running Club, Genesee Valley Harriers (GVH) with three, and Syracuse Track Club, with the Syracuse Chargers sporting an incomplete team.  The course started down the driving range, along the woods on the back side of the course, two loops around three short holes, back into the woods down a good decent, and then up a steep ascent with a 300 meter sprint to the finish. At the half way point of the race, GVH was in strong position leading 7 of the first 10 positions. Cresting up the hill of the final straight away you could see the maroon jersey of Karen Simmonds-Brady with a small lead on teammates Jessica Snyder in second place, followed by Kristina Maletz in 3rd, and Sarah Loerch in 4th place.  After a brief gap, the blue jersey of Syracuse Track Club’s Kaitlin O’Sullivan could be seen taking 5th place overall. Casey Moskel was unable to chase Kaitlin down to secure a perfect score for GVH, although a winning team score of 16 points is still excellent. Andrea Newton of the GVH B team finished in 7th place overall, Elizabeth Matthews of the GVH A team finished in 8th place, Kelsey Ryan of Checkers AC finished in 9th place and Melissa Senall of the GVH B team finished in 10th place.  The top 10 Niagara members each won medals for the individual portion of the XC Championships. GVH A team finished 1st in the team competition with their impressive 16 point total. Checkers AC finished 2nd in the team competition with a 67 point total behind Kelsey Ryan’s 9th place and a tight pack finishing 12th, 13th, 16th, and 17th overall.  GVH B team finished 3rd in the team competition with 77 points, scoring members finished 7th, 10th, 14th, 22nd, and 24th overall. Syracuse Track Club finished 4th overall in the team competition, Finger Lakes Running Club finished 5th, and the GVH C team finished 6th.

The Men’s 8km race was up next with 125 ready to blast off at the sound of the starting gun. 80 USATF Niagara members competing in the Open Championships were there to show off their speed.  The course was laid out similar to that of the Women, with just one extra loop included to pick up the additional 2k in the middle of the race. This offered three opportunities to check out the leaders of the race, with very little changing each time they came through. The leader of the race from about 1 mile on was Bill Way of High Noon (High Noon is not a USATF club). 2nd overall was Eddie Novara who ran unattached. 3rd overall was C. Fred Joslyn who recently joined the Syracuse Track Club. Ryan Millar of Syracuse Chargers took 4th place overall. Syracuse Track Club also took 5th place, Chip O’Hara, and 6th place, Andrew Dionne. Syracuse Chargers teammates and twin brothers Nick Guarino took 7th place and Josh Guarino took 8th place. GVH A team member Mike Kurvich took 9th place and Chris Mateer, also of GVH A took 10th overall. The team competition was a bit closer with Syracuse Track Club A team finishing with 29 points (Unattached runners excluded, Syracuse TC goes 1st, 3rd, 4th, 10th, and 11th). Syracuse Chargers finished 2nd in the team competition with 40 points (2nd, 5th, 6th, 13th, and 14th). GVH A team finished 3rd overall in the team competition with 52 points (7th, 8th, 9th, 12th, and 16th). GVH B team finished 4th with 121 points, Syracuse Track Club B team finished 5th with 154 points, Syracuse Track Club C team finished 6th with 207 points, GVH C team finished 7th with 210 points, and GVH D team finished 8th with 244 points. Also competing but with incomplete teams were RoadKill racing, Finger Lakes Running Club, Checkers AC, Greater Buffalo  Track Club, and GVH E team.

A very successful Championship from the point of view of USATF Niagara. 125 individuals competed for 8 different clubs as part of 21 different teams. The course was laid out well, the post race food was delicious, lots of medals and checks were awarded, everyone seemed to have a great time. For pictures of the event, please friend USATF Niagara and check out the event page.

Championship results

2013 USATF Niagara Masters XC Championships

AKRON FALLS PARK- Sunday October 13th brought the USATF Niagara Masters Cross Country Association Championships to the 3rd race of the Pete Glavin Upstate Series.  Nearly 200 runners toed the starting line of which 78 were entered in the USATF Masters Championships. All participants ran a 6k bowtie course with large portions of the course from the middle section, where runners passed by 4 times.

USATF Niagara added some significant prize money to the race this year, off of significant participation the past few years. This helped to increase the numbers of runners and teams vying for individual medals, team medals, as well as team prize money and individual age grading prize money.

Overall male masters runner Kirt Komocki ran 21:34.  Overall female masters runner Amy Fakterowitz ran 25:00.  Age grade winners allowed all masters runners to compete on a level playing field with established tables based on their actual age. Jerry Irving (60-69) of Checkers AC took home the top male prize by running an 82.89 age grade percentage, equating his time to an 18:55. Alan Evans (50-59) of GVH was a close second with an 82.77, and Charlie Andrews (50-59) also of GVH took third place with an 81.95 percent age grade.  Suzanne Myette (50-59) of Finger Lakes RC was the overall female with an age grade percentage of 80.48, equating her time to a 22.14.  Joanne Singer (50-59) of Syracuse TC was second with a 79.61 and Cindy Ingalls (60-69) of GVH took 3rd with an age grade percentage of 78.69. Both overall winners age graded in the 76th percentage.

Five different USATF clubs fielded teams over the various gender and ten year age groups. Checkers AC declared 2 teams. Finger Lakes RC declared 1 team. GVH declared 8 teams. And Syracuse TC declared 4 teams. GVH took 5 of the 6 team Championships, with only the 50+ Women from Finger Lakes RC squeezing ahead.

Full results available here.
Pictures available on the Facebook event page.

2013 USATF Niagara 5km Championship held at the Bergen Road Race
USATF Niagara showed up in force for the 2013 USATF Niagara 5km Championships held by the Bergen Road Race on August 10th.  An incredible 84 USATF Niagara members showed up to take part in the Championships.  The course boasts a fast, flat layout with long straight stretches.  A stacked field means anyone has a chance to PR in Bergen.  Team competitions also take place at the Niagara Championships, and with two new teams in the mix, that brought the number of declared teams up to 14.  A new male champion was crowned as new member of the Stotan Racing Team, Mike Fout, of Florida State University, cruised to a blazing 14:27 beating second place William Way, of Ithaca by 40 seconds.  Three-peating as female champion Maeghan Krifchin, of East Syracuse, broke her own course record to set it at 16:22. Second place female, Laurel Leone of Minoa, also broke the coveted 17 minute mark by one second.  One of the best sub races this day was held by the Male Masters contingent of Mark Andrews, Kevin Collins, and Scott Weeks.  Each of these 40+ males have long accomplishment lists and they did not disappoint at the Niagara Championships.  All three finished top 15 overall, and all ran under 16 minutes, with less than 5 seconds separating them.  Scott Weeks, of Cortland, turned in a time of 15:36 surrounding himself with "kids" half his age.  Mark Andrews, of Rochester, came through barely ahead of Kevin Collins, of Liverpool, to which video replay was brought in for final determination.  

In the Open Male Team Race, 5 teams declared at least 5 runners.  Heavily favorited Stotan Racing had returning Champion Kip Tisia drop out of the race early from an unknown injury, leaving them short one runner for a scoring team.  The Syracuse Chargers took advantage, led in part by Scott Weeks and Andrea Damad, originially of Ethiopia, Greg Selke of North Chili, Scott Yernye of Angola, and Josh Guarino of Bergen round out the team which averaged 15:40.  Genesee Valley Harries Open team finished second averaging 15:48, of note six of their seven finishers ran between 15:42 and 15:52, a great use of team running.  3rd place was taken by the newly formed Raiders n RedHawks team, just ahead of Roadkill Racing.  In the Open Female Team Race, 3 teams declared at least 3 runners.  Brockport Distance Project took first place as Dana Buchanan, of :Rochester, Karen Blodgett of Fairport, and Trisha Byler of Rochester averaged 17:39.  Second place team Genesee Valley Harriers averaged 17:55.  And third place Raiders n RedHawks averaged 18:45.  Checkers AC took the Female Masters 40+ title.  Genesee Valley Harriers took the Male Masters 50+ and 60+ titles.  The Female teams of 50+ and 60+ also won titles for GVH.

A staggering 22 runners broke 16 minutes.  Age graded results tell the final story.  Maeghan Krifchin is the only runner to post above 90%, but 38 runners age graded in the 80% bracket, and 38 additional runners age graded in the 70% bracket.  A total of 77 USATF Niagara members age graded at 70% or above, exactly what we expect at a Championship race!

Results can be found here 2013 USATF Niagara 5km Championships
0 SPF Trail 1/2 Marathon
The 0 SPF Trail 1/2 Marathon recently completed it's inaugural running to rave reviews - 120 runners started and finished the race traversing the Victor Hiking Trails "Seneca Trail" in Victor and then connecting to the "Crescent Trail" in Perinton. with 4600 feet of elevation change the race was a challenge to all from the winner to the final finisher - 
You can check out photos here:
We hope you can join us for next years running!
USATF Niagara Association Open & Masters Track and Field Championships
A growing number of athletes participated in the USATF Niagara Open and Masters Track and Field Championships. Competing across the full gamet of events, athletes competed in running, jumping, and throwing events.  Only two Women came to compete, while 
Full Results
2013 USATF Niagara Junior Olympic Track and Field
Nearly 500 youth traveled to Hilton High School to participate in the 2013 USATF Niagara Association Junior Olympic Track and Field Championships.  This nearly doubles the size of the meet from the past couple years.  This years top competitors have the chance to advance to the Region 2 Track and Field Championships being held at Strider Field in Jamestown, New York.  The top athletes from the Region 2 meet, coming from the New Jersey, Mid-Atlantic, and Three Rivers Associations, will have the chance to advance to the 2013 USA Junior Olympic Track and Field National Championships in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Complete results 
Photos by Ron Kalasinskas
2013 USA Half Marathon Championships
Three members of the USATF Niagara Stotan Racing Team travelled to Duluth, Minnesota to compete in the 2013 USA Half Marathon Championships.

Maegan Krifchin finished as the 6th place Woman in 1:12:05.0

C. Fred Joslyn finished in 1:10:37.8

Andrew Foxenberg finished in 1:05:44.2

Complete results

New York Invitational Series #3
USATF Sanction #13-04-157

Full Results Here

Live updates can be found at

ictures from the New York Invitational Series can be found on
2013 USATF Niagara 10km Championships

2013 Medved Lilac 10km and USATF Niagara Association 10km Championships

Congratulations to Kip Tisisa and Maegan Krifchin for being repeat USATF Niagara Association 10km Champions.

Read the full race report.

Overall Results,   USATF Niagara Results   USATF Niagara Team Results

2013 USATF Niagara Association 10km Championships video

Flower City Half Marathon & Niagara Open & Masters Championships

Congratulations to Kip Tisia and Lynn Youngmann for being the 2013 USATF Niagara Association Half Marathon Championships.

Niagara Championships Report

2013 Overall Results 

Upstate Holiday Classic 2012
USATF Niagara XC Championship 2012
USATF Region 2 JO XC Championship
USATF Niagara Junior Olympics Cross Country Championships 2012
2013 Browns Berry Patch 5k

Brown's Berry Pumpkin Patch 5k Cross Country Run & Memory Walk

                                             October 12, 2013
                                                 Merrill Timing

First Name Age Gender Bib # Time
Paul Glor 35 Male 161 17.48
David O'Leary 53 Male 181 19.12
Alan Pogroszewski 47 Male 244 19.56
Mark Manacle 31 Male 200 20.10
Curtis Johnson 33 Male 255 22.37
Chad Hardy 21 Male 170 22.51
Brandon Nieves 20 Male 199 23.08
Larry Wallworth 36 Male 187 23.25
Ronald Paeth 50 Male 254 23.40
Jayme Gruhn 24 Female 166 23.50
Joseph Kaupinski 55 Male 167 23.53
Muldair Moore 31 Male 257 24.25
Michael  Patterson 57 Male 272 24.45
Steve Novak 54 Male 196 24.59
Connor Mcquillan 12 Male 196 24.59
Sheila Lemcke 36 Female 172 25.20
Jeff Bellanca 38 Male 186 25.21
Jill Heck 38 Female 178 25.32
Jennifer Slack 29 Female 184 25.34
Rachel Davis 18 Female 179 25.54
Abggail Anderson 23 Female 225 26.03
Dave Harvey 53 Male 176 26.26
Joe Callicutt 43 Male 197 26.50
Liz Allis 31 Female 153 27.02
Stephen O'Dea 29 Male 180 27.02
Sid Bolton 71 Male 174 28.18
Scott Root 55 Male 260 28.29
Ann Marie Hilfiker 29 Female 177 28.38
Dawn Eldred 34 Female 265 28.38
Pam Eaton 50 Female 193 29.16
Victoria Gerhardt 31 Female 171 29.22
Christine Hoot 48 Female 195 30.18
Caitlin Smith 32 Female 173 30.26
Bridgette Connors 39 Female 159 30.28
Anastasja Moynihan 17 Female 192 30.34
Taina Moynihan 16 Female 191 30.35
Lawson Wallworth 7 Male 188 31.20
Martha Hardy 55 Female 168 31.53
Jillian Heinold 30 Female 189 32.24
Brenda Harding 48 Female 163 32.36
Justin Niederhofer 33 Male 243 32.45
Julie Kirby 53 Female 149 33.05
Marsha Rivers 38 Female 150 33.42
Rahems Quddus 24 Female 287 33.58
Nina Vosburgh 32 Female 256 34.54
Mattea Molisari 38 Female 259 35.02
Mattea Woolston 30 Female 258 35.08
Reese Kewin 44 Female 194 35.38
John Steier 50 Male 164 36.06
Abigail Allchin 10 Female 155 37.15
Cecelia Allchin 13 Female 156 37.15
Lisa Cristofaro 37 Female 266 37.45
Jennifer Morgan 45 Female 262 37.46
April Harding 22 Female 162 38.03
Michael  Allchin 50 Male 154 38.49
Jeannette Ketch 52 Female 261 41.50
Kelly  Johnson 40 Female 190 43.02
Emily Bourke 15 Female 275 43.33
Kaeyla Erway 24 Female 276 43.34
Rebecca Traxler 22 Female 160 49.55
Debra Traxler 51 Female 157 49.56
Diana Dudley 79 Female 281 50.53
Kathy Jensen 71 Female 151 50.53
Kevin Kemler 41 Male 185 53.59
Laura Groth 39 Female 198 54.44
Jodi Gaines 45 Female   63.49
Brittney Connors 15 Female   63.49

USATF Sanction #13-04-210
2013 Bivona Child Advocacy 5k
September 28, 2013 Bivona Child Advocacy 5k at MCC, Rochester, NY
Finisher Name Bib # Time Gender/Age
1 Charles Worl 412 19.35:00 M 23
2 Randall McGarvey 402 20.12:00 M 45
3 Christopher Harris 416 20.47:00 M35
4 Erica Capozzi 468 21.50:00 F 36
5 Steven Peglow 431 22.56:00 M 42
6 Courtney Harris 415 23.09:00 F 34
7 Jen Anderson 470 24:33:00 F 33
8 Bo Shoemaker 414 25:47:00 M 29
9 Brian Cornetta 408 26:04:00 M 34
10 Erin Maggio 465 26:06:00 F 14
11 Katie Falter 439 26:09:00 F 43
12 Julie Whipple 421 26:09:00 F 44
13 Kim Levitsky 409 26:34:00 F 43
14 Elaine Jacobson 427 26:52:00 F 57
15 Rachel Campbell 463 27:26:00 F 31
16 Gary Domenico 430 27:27:00 M 60
17 Christin Cornetta 407 27:43:00 F 32
18 Tom George 425 27:45:00 M
19 Eric Worl 413 28:03:00 M 52
20 Cara Stitt 405 28:15:00 F 39
21 Megan Maggio 466 28:40:00 F 16
22 Linda Viel 429 29:18:00 F 26
23 Tami Kaiser 424 29:21:00  
24 Stacie Halsdorfer 406 29:26:00 F 37
25 Ryan Marks 436 29:53:00 M 28
26 Raphael Platte 428 29:55:00 M 12
27 Kristy Guerra 437 29:57:00 F 27
28 Jeanne Maggio 467 31:15:00 F 48
29 Kristin Merrick 418 31:25:00 F 27
30 Megan Hausner 417 31:25:00 F 27
31 Catie Faltisco 440 31:36:00 F 27
32 Ro Kolb 422 34:47:00  
33 Kelly Tantalo 432 35:17:00 F 30
34 Marlene Martin 411 35:17:00 F 38
35 Savannah Berry 404 35:20:00 F 14
36 Wendy Malsefna 420 36:41:00 F 40
37 Danielle Emiliano 433 37:05:00 F 24
38 Michael Tomasheff 434 37:05:00 M 25
39 Ben Levitsky 410 37:07:00 M 9
40 Steve Levitsky 435 37:07:00 M 46
41 Cindy Steigerwald 464 37:51:00 F 54
42 Ed Sundberg 423 37:51:00 M 27
43 Nicole Fantigrossi 461 38:15:00 F 42
44 Hillary Levitt 462 38:15:00 F 27
45 Alice Berry 403 39:45:00 F 27
46 Elizabeth Opp 469 43:07:00 F 29
2012 USATF Niagara Junior Olympics Results 6-24-2012
2012 USATF Niagara Outdoor Track and Field Championships 6-23-2012
Congratulations and Thank You! to all of our participants.

Results Here:  pdf 2012-06-23-usatf-niagara-track_and_field_championships 68.22 Kb
2012 USATF Niagara Throws Pentathalon 6-16-2012
Upstate Holiday Classic XIII / Niagara 2011-2012 Indoor Championships 12-31-11

Results: pdf 2011-12-31-upstate_holiday_classic 28.82 Kb

Thank you to everyone who participated, and for all the Officials who were there for nothing more than a T-shirt.
Snowball Run 5K 12-10-2011
Results: pdf 2011-12-10-snowball_run_5k 29.07 Kb

Courstesy of
Holly Jolly 5K 12-03-2011
Results: pdf 2011-12-03-holly_jolly_5k_results 42.53 Kb

Courtesy of
RT Turkey Run 11-26-2011

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