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You can now join or renew your club membership online.  To begin the process current and new clubs click HERE.  Expired clubs click HERE.   

All Youth Club coaches and volunteers will need to submit to a Background Check each year, and be approved prior to the acceptance of the club’s application. Please allow a minimum of 2 weeks for Background Checks to be completed. We urge you to work well in advance of any Meet Registration Deadlines in order for this process to complete. There will be no exceptions to this rule. To start your Background Check, please click here.

Club Point of Contact's can perform many club actions online.  At the USATF Club Management Area you can process USATF memberships for your club members, update individual USATF member profiles, get reports, update club info, submit or update practice schedules, get practice insurance certificates, and more.  To go to the USATF Club Management Area click HERE

Member clubs and organizations are at the heart of USATF Niagara.

They provide much needed support to athletes in the form of coaching, financial support and athletic satisfaction. It is with, and through, the clubs that USATF Niagara is able to carry out its mission: "To provide vision and leadership to the sport of track and field, road running, and race walking in the Western New York, and to promote the pursuit of excellence from youth to masters, from grass roots to the Olympic Games."

Many of USA's present and past Olympic stars developed through the club system. Many were members of clubs and competed in the Junior Olympic program during their youth, trained with one of the elite developmental clubs during their prime, and continued to compete in USATF's masters programs.

The focus and goals of each club are as unique and diverse as the athletes who compete for them. Some clubs focus primarily on elite development, while others specialize in youth or masters programs. Some are solely track & field clubs, while others provide support to only race walkers, throwers, or distance runners. Whatever the case may be, each club is vital to the sport's future in the Niagara Association.

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