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Training and certification of officials is central to USATF's goal of ensuring fair and safe competitive opportunities for all athletes. The training and certification processes promote a serious and professional approach to officiating and demonstrate an official's commitment to excellence. As an official gains experience, exposure to correct officiating practices, and additional training, USATF recognizes this skill development through progressive levels of certification:  Apprentice to Association to National to Master.

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Congratulations to the USATF Niagara Certified Officials who have been selected to the USATF National Championship Meets

 Paul Kosek – Pole Vault – Indoor Championships, Boston, MA

Tom Priester – Umpire – Indoor Championships, Boston, MA

Jim McCaul (New York Association) – Shot Put – Outdoor Championships, Eugene, OR

Kathy McLymond – High Jump – Outdoor Championships, Eugene, OR

On November 20, 2013, USATF Niagara held an Officials Training session at RIT. Roger Burbage, Master Official and Officials Certification Chair for North Carolina Association came to share his knowledge with the Officials of Niagara. 

At the 2013 USATF Annual Meeting in Indianapolis, officials selected for four meets were announced. Those officials from USATF Niagara selected are as follows:

USATF Senior Indoor Championships in Albuquerque, NM, February 21 – 23

Paul Kosek – High Jump

Kathy McLymond – High Jump

Tom Priester – Umpire Alternate

USATF Senior Outdoor Championships in Sacramento, CA, June 25 – 29

Larry Callahan – Long/Triple

IAAF World Junior championships in Eugene, OR, July 22 – 27

Larry Callahan – Long/Triple

Kathy McLymond – High Jump

USATF Niagara Officials Chair was also honored twice at the meeting. Kathy McLymond was named one of the NTO (National Technical Officials) for the United States and also received a service award by the National Officials Chair. 

McLymond receives NOC Award from Gordon Bocock (Kentucky)

Photos: Niagara Officials in Action

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