What You Must Know About the New Medicare Card

The card comes with a randomly assigned Medicare Beneficiary Identifier (MBI) manufactured up of 11 letters and numbers and no social stability quantity like on the present card. Read more about http://bupa-medical.com

Some differences in the new cards consist of:

Uppercase letters and figures
The letters B, I, L, O, S and Z will not be utilised to stay away from confusing letters with quantities
Positions 2, 5, eight, and 9 will always be letters
No embedded logic
Every beneficiary will be assigned a unique identifier
All 60 million or so Medicare recipients will eventually obtain the card in the mail. The mail outs commenced April of 2018 and will go on for a calendar year.
What Do You or the Medicare Recipient Want to Know?

You do not have to do anything to get the card. It will be instantly mailed to you.
Make sure Medicare has your present handle so your card is shipped on time.
The card may be in an envelope that resembles junk mail.
After you acquire the card, wipe out your aged card and begin using your new card right absent.
Do not get anxious if your pals have the new card and you will not. It will get some time to mail all of the playing cards.
The new card is paper. You may possibly want to laminate it.
Bring the new card to your next health care pay a visit to.
If you fail to remember to provide your new card, your healthcare company need to be ready to appear up your Medicare identification on the web.
If you have a Medicare Benefit coverage, you must nonetheless preserve and use this plan’s card. Nonetheless, have both cards on hand when you check out your medical doctor.
Beware of Frauds (as suggested by the American Affiliation of Retired People)

Cons relating to the new card are presently surfacing. Some Medicare recipients report obtaining phone calls from scamsters who tell them that they have to spend for the new card and then request them for their examining account and Medicare card numbers. Don’t give out both amount!!
“Anyone expressing they are going to cost you for a card is a scammer,” says Paul Stephens, director of coverage and advocacy with the Privacy Rights Clearinghouse in San Diego. “In the case of CMS, they will never need you to inform them what your Medicare card quantity is since they already know it.”
Id theft is growing amongst people sixty five and more mature. The Section of Justice has cited a figure of much more than two.6 million circumstances of senior identification theft taking place in current many years.